Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Week

24 de Diciembre, 2012

Well it's Christmas week! I enjoyed a nice skype call with my fam, and now I'm getting ready for the special Christmas activities here in the zone. I'm still in a trio with Elder Harrison and Elder Garcia, and we heard that we might be in this trio for a few more weeks.

Well since you guys got after me for not writing long letters, I'll try and write a little more this week haha.

I've got 9 months in the mission now, and the time is starting to pass by a little faster. I feel like after I complete a year it's gonna start passing by a lot faster. The last 3 months have passed by way faster than normal, but I'm still trying to keep myself from getting discouraged here.

There are a few families here who really love me haha. The Smith Family is probably the biggest one of them all. They thought that I left this last transfer, and they were all really sad. Before the transfer came they gave me this sweet belt buckle with a huge scorpion trapped inside. I'm gonna be sportin that baby for the rest of my life after the mission haha. So they thought I had already left, and for a few days they were really sad. Until one day we stopped by their house, and Sister Smith got really mad and happy at the same time, reprimanding me because I didn't tell them that I didn't leave.

I honestly don't have much to say right now. I think I'll have more to say after the Christmas activities. They are going to be awesome! We're going to watch a movie of the world! We are gonna watch The Blindside! And honestly all the rest is a surprise. But I can't wait!

I miss the snow! In Utah, there's a ton. Here in Mexico there isn't any snow whatsoever. I just really wanna throw a snowball and build an igloo haha. I'm gonna have to wait for 2 years to do that.

As far as the investigators, we have a few that are progressing. Martina and Esteban haven't gone to church in a few weeks, due to sickness and stuff, but they need to start going again. They also need to get married so they can get baptized, and they can't to that because Esteban might have to get divorced first from a different chick.

There's honestly not a lot of work here. We have been looking for all the inactives and less-actives, and looking for investigators, but we aren't really finding anything. It's tough, but we just keep going at it. We have been walking more than normal, as we can't really do much more. But we'll find something, eventually. I just hope my next area has a bit more work for me.

Just so you know, it doesn't matter how many times you ask me, I'm not gonna be telling you guys about my scary experiences here, or about the drug lords, or the scorpions, or the corruption, or any of that. I'll tell you all after the mission, as anything I say will get back to my mom and she'll have a heart attack haha. Just know that I'm safe, and God's got my back. You can't have a better bodyguard than that haha.

Well I gotta go. I'll write more next week when I have more stuff to say haha. Love you guys! 

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