Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Season Coming To An End

31 de Diciembre, 2012

Well..... the world didn't come to an end. Just like I had been predicting all this time.

This Christmas went pretty well for me. I got a ton of packages! And there wasn't anything missing in them! At least, not that I know of.  A ton of fruit roll ups, American candy, and a new backpack/lumber pack that works out perfectly! We had a double-zone conference (with both of the zones here in Durango) with the mission president and his wife. It was crazy fun! We watched The Blindside on a projector screen in one of the chapels and ate pineapple ham, received really nice, authentic Italian ties, and mini Preach My Gospel books.

Martina and Esteban have stopped going to church. But they are starting to get the marriage process going. We found out that it might take a while, as Esteban is already married do a different woman. We have been trying to get them excited about going to church, but they need to set their priorities straight.

Liliana, another investigator, has been progressing really well! She finally went to church, and we're gonna set a baptismal date with her this week.

I finally got my Quesadillota! There's this restaurant here called "Burrotes", which means "Big Burritos". The cook their loves me and so we went there today and I asked her if she could make me a quesadillota. So basically, I asked her for a super-sized quesadilla. Naturally, she was happy to do it for me. She grabbed some humongous tortillas, threw on a pile a Manchego cheese, refried beans, and a ton of "carne deshebrada" (its shredded beef with green sauce and is crazy spicy because they crush chili pepper seeds and put them in), and fried it all up. Best quesadilla I've ever eaten. Check out the photo. It's huge! That's my hand next to it in comparison, and that's with my giant-sized hands, by the way. And I also contacted her and am in the process of passing the reference to other missionaries. She seems like she could progress.

Well that's it this week. If you have any questions write me directly and I'll answer them. I never know what to write in these letters.

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