Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Transfers Again! Among other things

28 de Enero, 2012

Well, this week has passed by a little slower than the norm. I just am not as excited for the work as I was before. But I'm gonna keep working hard and not let myself get distracted!

Things are going all right here in Matamoros. We're expecting at least 8 baptisms next month, so we're gonna work hard to get 'em accomplished.

I weighed myself today, and found that I weigh 77.8 kilograms now. That's about 171.5 pounds. And I am about a month away from a six pack. Not sure how I'm doing it, other than walk all day and work crazy hard. I still eat like a horse, but I work more like a farm ox haha.
We ended this transfer yesterday, so we took a zone picture. We didn't know that we were going to get a surprise visit from Pres. Flores and his family. They managed to sneak a peek and get in the picture just in time.

Well, it seems like every time there's a chance that I could have changes in one way or another during transfer time, they happen. And many times before transfers even come. Elder Pinedas got transferred to another area as district leader. I'm staying here in Matamoros (which is humongous, and I still haven't gotten to know it yet). My new companion is Elder Mercado, from the city of Mexico.

As far as the Investigators go, here are the details:

The Torres family is doing awesome. The dad has gone from 10 cigarettes a day to 2 a day in a week, and we're gonna get him to completely quit this week and set a baptismal date for next month or March, depending on the circumstances. We're gonna teach them about The Eternal Family so they get pumped for their baptism.

Karina recently told us she wants to investigate a different church, and refused to accept an appointment. We're gonna convince her to listen to us one more time, and teach her the Restoration so that she can have a firm testimony of which church is true. Then we're gonna launch her a new baptismal date, along with her daughter.

Remember how I had that little battle with the "TeeJay" (the guy who accused us of polygamy, and in the end I burned him with his own scriptures)? Well it wasn't all for nothing. Brenda, the sister-in-law of the member who sent us the message asking us to go over was there behind us the entire time as we were discussing. And then she went to church that same Sunday! And she said that she loved it! We taught her the plan of salvation, and she says that she knows it's true, and that she is so happy that she will she her mother again, who passed away recently. She wants to get baptised, but she's not married to her boyfriend (who lives with her and has a baby with her). We're gonna teach them both this week, work with them to get them hitched, and baptize them both.

As for the rest of them, we're working on them. But these are the ones closest to baptism right now.
I just got a ton of letters this Sunday. All were late-arriving Christmas cards haha. Ben Casper's Christmas card made me laugh like a hyena, as it does every year. I'm guessing Big Mike is already back? I haven't heard from him since before I came out on the mission.
Well that's it for this week. Thanks for all your support! I'm pretty sure everything is gonna get way better and time is just gonna start flying when I hit the one year mark!

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