Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Monday, November 12, 2012


5 de Noviembre, 2012

Well, transfers came again. And we have a few changes. But first
starting chronologically!

We finally found a house to rent! We were getting pretty desperate,
but we just kept praying and walking every street. We searched about
80% of all the houses in our area, and we asked every store (as there
are a ton of little ones in the streets) if they knew about a house to
rent. We finally got to one store who told us they were renting the
upper floor for exactly the amount of money we can pay! It's got 4 big
rooms, a great bathroom, and even a porch outside with plants and
stuff! And I'm gonna be living there, come Wednesday.

The Day of the Dead was a huge, awesome letdown. Nobody did anything.
Turns out pretty much nobody in Durango celebrates it in any way other
than closing the stores.

We did have a few changes this transfer. I'm still in Durango! Lol. We
split area Jardines in 2 parts. I'm going to one side (with the new
house) and Elder Olvera is going to the other. His new companion is
Elder Harrison, an american from Idaho who has 10 months in the
mission. We already picked him up, and will be with us in a trio for 2
days. Wednesday, my companion (Elder Mullenbach) will get here, and
we'll go over to our house with the porch. He will the the new
District Leader here.

So something pretty awesome happened on my Birthday that I forgot to
mention before. In the morning, Hna. Flores (President's wife) called
me and asked me how I was doing. The all of a sudden she and Pres.
Flores started to sing the happy birthday song. After, Hna. Flores
asked me to put her on speaker phone. Pres. Flores then said that he
wanted to thanks us for our great work in Industrial, and for making
such an impact there. He said congratulations, thanked us and
appraised us for about 3 minutes, said his goodbyes and hung up. It
was pretty awesome, as that almost never happens in the mission like
that! I felt pretty important for a few days! haha

Also, a few days ago a member couldn't feed us the day she was
assigned, so she gave us money instead! There is a Brazilian buffet in
our area called Gal Pao, so we went there with the money and ate. It's
pretty much like Tucanos. So they brought all sorts of meat and pizza
and meat desserts and meat and grilled pineapple and meat, all on
swords, and carved them in front of us and served us. These people
were accustomed to people who don't eat very much, so they didn't know
what they had coming for them. We timed it, and Elder Olvera and I ate
for 2 and a half hours without stopping (luckilly we didn't have any
appointments or references or anything else to do). The manager
actually got a little angry with us, and he told all of the waiters
and waitresses to stop serving us. After waiting for a while, the
manager asked us if we wanted anything else..... so we asked for more
sirloin, ribs, and grilled pineapple! He asked and we ordered and ate
about 15 more times until he stopped coming and asking us. So we got
up, paid, and went on looking for less-active members. And we still
didn't get totally full haha. But it was the best I have eaten in a
long time!

Other than that not much has happened since last week. I gotta go. so
until next week!
Con amor,
Elder Riggs

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