Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Monday, September 24, 2012

Transfers and a Ton of Baptisms!

24 de Septiembre, 2012

We had transfers! Elder Macedo left, and I am gonna stay here in
Industrial. My new companion is Elder Olvera, who is from Veracruz and
has 21 months in the mission. So far he gets along pretty good with
me. He has been companions with Elder Wensel, Elder Seare, and now
me..... all of the Americans in my generation.

So 5 of our 7 baptismal dates were accomplished! Isabel and Gaby fell
through. They passed the interview and everything, but due to a few
problems, ended up not going to the actual baptism. We're gonna work
crazy hard to get them baptized this Saturday, along with Chuyin,
Jesus's son.

The Rios family and Arturo all got baptized. 2 of them asked me to
baptize them, so I did! The mom chose me mainly because she is kinda
really heavy and because I'm stronger than Elder Macedo haha! When she
went down in the water, her feet slipped out from under her and I had
to lift her entire body and weight up and out of the water and plant
her back on her feet. Luckily, the ordinance passed the first time
haha. Good thing she picked me, because I'm pretty sure Elder Macedo
would have dunked himself along with her in the water lol. Rene (a
teenager in the Rios Family) had a broken leg, so we baptized his with
his cast on, but wrapped up in a giant garbage bag. Leaving the
baptismal font, he slipped and landed on his broken leg, and rebroke
the bone. We called an ambulance and he is going to get operated on
tomorrow. That turned out to be a blessing for him, as they should
have operated the first time. Before his baptism, the bone didn't heal
right. Luckily, he rebroke it. If he wouldn't have rebroken it, they
would have never known that it hadn't healed right. God works in
mysterious ways, huh? Unfortunately, we weren't able to take a
picture..... but we have pictures of the signed and ready baptismal
forms (after they passed their interviews).

Just as a running total, I have lost 30 pounds so far. Pretty good, eh?

So far, I've saved 9 souls through baptism and confirmation. I'm
expecting to have another 3 this week, if we work hard, and if I work
off another 5 pounds.

So, another detail. I couldn't speak English to save my life. At least
not fluently. I can read it and write it, and I understand it when it
is spoken, but I myself can't speak it. I think I'm gonna have to
start practicing English at night to get used to it again.

Well I gotta go. Letters are always welcome, people.

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