Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Monday, September 10, 2012

Receiving Answers

10 de Septiembre, 2012

This has been a great week! Monica (one of our investigators) said she
received an answer to her prayers and knows that the church is true,
and we're just waiting for her and her boyfriend to get married before
we can baptize her... which means they need to get divorced from their
previous spouses. Her boyfriend, who is a member, has been exercising
with us early in the morning. We've been going to a park, running,
using the playground as a workout gym, and playing a little basketball.
Today, after exercising, we went over to his (Alejandro's) house and
he served us a fruit mix with carrots, plain yogurt, and granola.
Crazy tasty, crazy healthy.

Familia Limones was a family of less-actives that we reactivated back
when I was in Guadalupe. While walking the streets here, I thought I
saw the grandson of Hna. Limones. I took a second look.... and it was
him! He and his mother got baptized a few years ago, but stopped going
because of anti-mormon literature they found on the internet. Elder
Macedo and I visited them in the instant I saw him (Ricardo, the
grandson) and we explained the reality of things to him and his
mother, Carmen. They both feel a ton better about the church now. Even
to the extent that they went to a ward activity as a family that very
night and had a great time.

This area is HUGE! We seriously need bikes here, just for the sake of
time. I attached a picture underlooking a mountain/big hill. From
where I was standing up until partway up the mountain/hill is only
about a fourth of our area. It's enormous, just imagine.

This Saturday we've got a definite baptism comin up! The other two
fell through, so we'll continue working with them. His name is Jesus,
and he's golden. He has completely changed his life around, from being
a drunk drug addict to leaving everything behind to follow Christ.

We have a sister here who always gives us tamales free, whenever we
ask. Pretty awesome. Pretty savory.

Mia, the 3 year old daughter of one of our investigators, was pretty
scared of me when I first got here. Then I gave her a Spanish CTR ring
and now she absolutely loves me. She pretty much uses me as a human
jungle-gym. It's a little overbearing at times haha.

Look at the photos. I'm not lying when I said we have a problem with
cockroaches. We find at least 10 a day in our house.

I have no time, and I gotta cut this letter short. Sorry! More next week.

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