Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Monday, July 30, 2012

Primer Bautismo!

30 de Julio, 2012

Juan got baptized and confirmed! But you'll have to wait for that, as I am going to tell last week's stories in chronological order. So here we go:

After I wrote the last letter, we went to a family home evening with an inactive family that hasn't been to church in 5 years. They haven't let the missionaries or ward members go past their gate since their conversion, but we somehow made it all the way through their door, and they even made us Mexican pancakes! Pretty exciting. We took a photo together and it's attached. They have 5 kids. We're working with them little by little to get them back to church.

Last week we had a really weird storm. Half of the sky was blue and bright, and the other half was covered with dark clouds. These clouds kept rumbling without ceasing for about 2 hours. Pure thunder, no lightning. Really weird. It sounded like my stomach before we eat lunch with the members. It did eventually rain a little bit, but not as much as we were expecting.

Maria de Jesus wasn't at her house when we went to interview her for her baptism, so she will have to wait until after her operation. Juan got baptized though! The first time the ordinance was said wrong, and Juan also forgot to plug his nose. The second time it was said right, and he almost didn't go under the water. All was under the surface except his mustache, and the Member baptizing him had to force him down....and Juan still didn't plug his nose! So he was under water, and everyone could hear his gurgling under the water. Everyone got a good laugh out of it, and Juan was baptized and then confirmed the next day in sacrament meeting. It has been a pretty special experience with Juan. His mother accepted the gospel and got baptized about 25 or more years ago, and ever since then has been trying to help Juan accept it, and now he finally has. They are both really happy, and I know it meant a lot to her.

Francisco, the friend that Juan brought to the second lesson, also has been taught all of the lessons. He has been to every appointment with Juan since the first lesson with him, and he also went to all the church meetings yesterday! That means he only needs to go this week and he will get baptized next Saturday as planned. He is also pretty excited. He has already read a lot in the Book of Mormon. He's almost done with 1st Nephi. He loves reading in the Book of Mormon, as he told us.

Update on my feet: just as my left foot was healing up, I injured my right foot in the same way. And shortly after, due to putting most of my weight on my left foot, I reinjured it also just a little. We went to see prices for special in-soles today, and I expect President Flores or his wife will tell us to go order them tomorrow. After that it should be the end to my problems. But it's all been worth it, especially with Juan's baptism.

Spanish is going really well. Nobody believes me when I tell them I only have 2 months in the field. I can pretty much speak fluently and naturally without translating anything in my head. Right now I'm just working on expanding my vocabulary. So far pretty good! I love getting compliments on my Spanish.

Gotta go! Keep me updated!

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