Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Monday, June 25, 2012

¡He cumplido un mez!

25 de Junio, 2012

So this letter will also be a little short, as I still have some laundry to do and we have a few appointments we need to go to soon. Sorry!

As for the pictures you wanted of us playing capture the flag in the ruins.... I didn't take any pictures. Sorry! Maybe I can get one of the other Elders to send me some of the pictures they took. We'll see. But I have a ton of other pictures attached! Including pictures of me with my cane, some awesome graffiti, and some other good stuff. Speaking of pictures, hey Ma, you think you could print of that picture of me and the MaicDonalds stand and give it to MissionaryMall? That would be awesome.

So yesterday we went to the doctor in our ward for the third time, and she checked my tendon. She said I don't have a contracture anymore, but I still have a few other problems and it's still gonna hurt for a while. But I don't need the cane anymore! We did find out something pretty bad. Apparently I have extremely large arches in my feet, and a few other things that contribute to the cause. All of these make me walk differently, with my feet slightly tilted inwards towards the arches. This is what caused the contracture in the first place, and if I don't go to an orthopedist, I am going to have this problem many times in the mission. Either that or I have to buy a cane and use it every time I feel pain. We'll see what the mission president's wife tells us to do. All I know is, I don't want another contracture. It's kinda like a charlie horse in the tendons, except you can't massage it out or stretch it out, all you can do is wait a few days.... or a week haha.

So Memo and Vicky didn't get baptized. Vicky didn't pass the interview (just not ready) and Memo passed, and we were going to baptize him Saturday at 5, but he called us at 1:30 telling us he got in a fight with his wife and wasn't ready that day. We are working with them this next week and hope to baptize them both this upcoming Saturday. Ojalá.

We haven't visited Almadelia in over a week, as she is always so busy and we can't find a time to visit her, but we are going to set an appointment for this week.

So, I already completed a month in Mexico and 3 months total in the mission! To celebrate, Elder Lopez and I are ordering Dominos Pizza (that's right, there's a Dominos pizza here) tomorrow to celebrate my 3 months and his 10.

Right now is a trying time, as we can't seem to find new investigators. We're gonna try out an experiment in our contacting though. Rather than knocking every door of an entire street, we are going to go where we feel like we should go and only knocks the doors that we feel we should knock on according to how we feel the spirit is directing us.

Well yet again I gotta go, but next week I hope to write more. They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well I've attached 6, so I'm pretty sure that makes up for the small amount that I have written here. Until next week!

- Elder Tyler Riggs

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