Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MTC #7

So I'm really running out of things to talk about in these letters. Until I get to the field, I won't have any really good stories anymore. I am scheduled to leave May 21st if I get my Visa on time, so let's hope it gets here. If it doesn't, it won't be all that bad because my bro Alan Hawkins is coming May 23rd, so it would be nice to see him before I leave.
So this Wednesday (yesterday) I got to be a new missionary host, and our district is going to do it every Wednesday until we leave. What we do is pick up the new missionaries, take them and their bags to their residence, and then get all their stuff that they need from the bookstore and take them to their room. This time was a workout. It was a fairly hot day outside, and the first new missionary had a backpack, a carry-on, a medium-large suitcase, and a jam-packed heavy large suitcase. And I had to carry all of it....up 4 flights of stairs to his residence. And then I got to take him to his classroom up 5 flights of stairs. The second missionary was Elder Nathan Morris, from my home ward in Utah! I saw his car drive by and pull to the curb and told the other hosts I would take him. That was a pretty cool experience, and just as much of a workout. Pretty much, Mexico is going to be brutal if I was already sweating in the Spring season in Utah.
The weeks here at the MTC start on Monday, so we count the end of each week that Sunday. This is the Thursday of my 7th week, and I leave on the Monday of my 10th week (depending on Visas). It's kinda nice having P-day in the middle of the week, where we get a break from the busy schedule, as Sunday is also somewhat of a break.
So not a whole lot happened this last week. I did get some pretty awesome packages though! I'm lucky to have a Mom who appreciates the value of Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks. It's not against the rules here, but they only vend non-caffeinated Mt. Dew and Coke. Abominations in my eyes.
During the last devotional, there were a few interesting announcements. The MTC President announced that we can't do tie trading anymore, as it's apparently getting out of hand. Also, sometimes we get some anti-mormon protesters outside the MTC gates on the way to the Provo Temple. We were told in the last devotional to not talk to them, but to still be polite. It's probably a good thing our district wasn't there when it happened, as it could have become a little too contentious. I can think of a few Elders, including myself, who wouldn't have taken kindly to these protesters.
As far as the language goes, I'm getting pretty decent. I realize that once I get to Mexico, I'm going to be completely lost for a while, but I think I'll survive. Our entire district can teach just about anything about the gospel in the language now. It's pretty nice, because now instead of memorizing the words and phrases we need to say, we have time to prepare for what we want to commit him the investigators (role-playing) to do and evaluate what needs they have for next time.
We brought in a new district to our zone last wednesday. Their aight. I don't really know them all that well, and honestly I only know a few of their names. And yet somehow they all know mine. Kinda not a good thing for me as the Senior District Leader (district leader of the eldest district).
Well I'm about out of time, and I honestly can't think of anything else to say. All of the days and weeks seem to blend together, and I'm not completely sure if what I think happened this week could have happened 2 weeks ago.
Hasta la proxima semana,
Elder T. Mitchell Riggs
(yeah, that name sounds pretty official, don't it?)

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