Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Friday, April 6, 2012

MTC Letter #3

So we're coming to the end of week 3 at the MTC, and so far things are still going well. I feel like the Spanish is really starting to come. I can almost say anything I want to in Spanish, I just can't say it very quickly/fluently. I'm also struggling with understanding extremely fast Spanish, especially when my Spanish teacher tries to force it on us. He usually just gets blank stares in response.
To answer some of the questions I have been getting:
1. My companion, Elder Andrew Wensel, is from West Jordan, UT.
2. There are 3 of us in the district going to Torreon, Mexico and 2 that are going to Hermosillo (or something like that). 2 others in our district are going to Columbia, but they are leaving in a few days to go to the Columbian MTC.
3. Elder Kraymer Eppich just left this morning. I got to see him quite a bit before he left. He stopped by my residence to tell me and gave me his key card so I could go visit him before he left. He still hasn't got his visa yet, so they temporarily reassigned him to Nashville, Tennessee. He says he's going to try to convert Taylor Swift.
4. Here's my P-Day schedule. I have used science and math to make it the best possible P-Day schedule known to missionaries. This way I get to pack in an extra 2 hours for free time that would otherwise be spent doing laundry:
     6:20 am --- Wake up, run to the laundry room and put all laundry in the washers
     6:30 am --- Shower, get dressed, get ready (in Missionary attire)
     7:10 am --- Switch laundry from washers to dryers
     7:15 am --- Eat a hot breakfast (instead of a lousy sack breakfast)
     7:50 am --- Get laundry from dryers and run to the residence, hang it all up, fold garments & P-Day Clothes, spray/iron shirts
     8:20 am --- Personal Study
     9:20 am --- Go to the temple & complete a session
   10:50 am --- Go to a TALL Lab (computer lab) and e-mail
   11:20 am --- Go back to the residence, get in P-Day Clothes, and write letters until all are done
    after that --- Chillax, take naps, walk around, go to the gym, go to the bookstore, pretty much do whatever until 6:00 pm when classes start again
5. Conference in the MTC was pretty good. I was able to pay attention a lot better, but it got pretty hot in the gym/auditorium, considering there was over 2,000 people in there and we weren't allowed to take off our jackets.
6. And I know you're all waiting for this one: Yes, I have seen David Archuleta. Not that awesome, he's just a person, not a superior being. I have seen him many, many times. Probably every other day at least. He's pretty tiny actually. He's probably about 5'3" or so (he only comes up to about my mid chest, maybe a little higher) and I would estimate he weighs between 120 and 130. He is going to the same mission as our Zone Leaders, Elders Edwards and Page.
7. No, I was DEFINITELY not in the choir. I'm pretty much against it. Don't expect to ever see me in a choir by my own free will (even if it gets me on TV)
So I'm almost out of time, so I'll finish up with a story. Yesterday morning my Companion asked me if I was up for some reason at 3 am the night before. Clueless, I said no (being completely unconscious). He said he woke up at 3 am, and he heard me speaking Spanish in my sleep, and it sounded like I was teaching a lesson. So apparently I have mastered the language in my sleep and am unable to unlock that part of my brain during my conscious state haha.

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