Soldier in God's Army

Soldier in God's Army
Soldier in God's Army

Saturday, April 21, 2012

MTC Week 5

This week has gone by so fast! It seems like I was just sitting down at the computer writing my last letter. It has been a pretty good week.
Story time: So about half an hour after writing my last letter, Elders Wensel, Riggs, Farley, and Beeston got called to the front desk where we were individually interrogated by the head of BYU Police for about 3 hours pertaining to certain pranks that didn't have much to do with us. Apparently there is some guy going around breaking into rooms, trashing them, and leaving a card that says "the MTC Prankster". And a lot of people have been going in to security giving reports and giving my exact description. Then there is a room on our floor who claims somebody broke in and stole a guys wallet, because he couldn't find it. Coincidentally, this happened at the same time as our room got pranked pretty hard by our zone leaders. Security thought there was a connection and interrogated us on our P-Day. When we got to the front desk, the interrogater took one look at me and decided to interrogate me first. He started asking his question and then asked if I was this "MTC Prankster", and I had no idea this character even existed. I was like "what are you talking about", and he gave the shpeal and said "we have been getting reports of a person pranking, and they describe him as a caucasian having red hair, average-to-above-average height, largely built, and in your same building." I had no idea where this was coming from, and he didn't believe me at first. I'm pretty sure he still thinks I'm the "MTC Prankster" and I am at the top of his list. Turns out the kid lost his wallet and found it in his pants pocket the next day.
I can't wait to finally get out of the MTC and go to Mexico. I feel a little to confined to this campus. At least the weeks fly by pretty fast.
All of those who were excited about David Archuleta being here, he left on Monday. So now the MTC is normal again, and we don't have to hear a ton of whispering every time he walks by.
This last week has gone especially well for me spiritually. I am starting to recognize the spirit and be able to use it when I teach. The language is also coming along pretty awesomely. Last week during TRC (Training Resource Center: it's where actual members come in and talk to you in the mission language and need help in some aspect of their lives), me and Elder Wensel were speaking spanish almost like natives, and it was pretty fluent. I never had to stop to think of a word, and I don't even have to translate from English to Spanish in my head anymore! It's starting to come naturally. English and Spanish are completely separate in my head. It's nice because it's harder to understand when someone else is speaking spanish if you have to translate every word. It's easier to just tough it out until you are able to understand Spanish on its own.
Well I'm out of time again, and I simply can't fit all of the highlights of the week in a 30 minute e-mail session, so if you want to know more you're gonna have to write me!
Elder Tyler Riggs
MTC Box 292
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604
P.S. You can't use the excuse of not wanting to buy stamps. is free.

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